The other day I was nominated by my friend Nick to take part in the ‘Seven  Days of Music that has inspired…’ challenge that has gone viral on some social media sites.

I’m not usually into that kind of thing, for example, you won’t find any short form video footage of me floating around the technological ether with a bucket of iced water anywhere near my head, but this particular idea got me thinking… who and what has inspired me from a musical perspective?

Honestly, I didn’t know where to start… it felt like trying to tidy up my bedroom when I was thirteen, so thought a good place would be the first ever concert I went to.

Four rows from the front when the gig started and on my feet right at the stage within the first song….soaking up every moment as if I was in heaven…

The absolute sense of joy and inspiration stayed with me for months… I think it was at that moment I realised just how powerful, inspirational and outright bloody wonderful live music can be!

Birmingham NEC Arena – Stevie Wonder



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