Jonny Henderson & Steve Gibson record ‘Blueberry Pie’ – the new blues album by The Starlite Campbell Band at Supertone.

“The best thing about being a full-time musician is that music is like your best friend that introduces you to people you probably would never have met if you didn’t have a love of music in common…”

How true that statement is when double British Blues Award winner Jonny Henderson flew out to join us at our Supertone Studio in August to work with producer Simon Campbell and I on the recording of our Starlite Campbell Band new blues album ‘Blueberry Pie.’

We had never met in person before but Jonny is steeped in the Blues! He has been voted Keyboard Player of the Year in both the 2010 and 2011 British Blues Awards and has toured with blues guitarist Matt Schofield, the legendary Robben Ford and singer Ian Siegal.

This, along with his work in the studio with Matt, Ian and Otis Rush made him the perfect choice to record Hammond Organ and Wurlitzer electric piano parts on our new record.

jonny-henderson-simon-campbell-supertone-blueberry-pie-1600Producer / musician Simon Campbell and Jonny Henderson.

When he rocked up to the studio early evening, the first thing we said was let’s relax, cook some food and hang out before we even think about the music.

Over the next few days Jonny laid down some cracking parts on Hammond organ and Wurlitzer electric piano, with a few surprises too! He is such a talented musician and by the time he left we knew we had done some great work together and made a new friend…


Steve Gibson

Joining us on drums for the album is Steve Gibson, one of the tightest and hardest working drummers out there and again very much steeped in the blues: he plays one of the best shuffles in the business!

He was a member of two bands signed to major labels and has played with the Icicle Works, Buzzcocks, Maggie Bell, Larry Garner, Madeleine Bell, Van Morrison, Larry Garner, Chris Farlowe and Jack Bruce. He is an endorsee of both Paiste CymbalsSAKAE Drums and Code Drum Heads.

steve-gibson-2-starlite-campbell-supertone-recordsPhoto: Simon Taylor

Simon and Steve go way back having been a part of the Manchester music scene years ago. They know a lot of the same people but had not seen each other for over twenty years so there was a lot of catching up to do… 🙂

I’d never met or played bass with Steve before so we spent the first two days playing through the songs, listening to each other and finding our groove!

Simon and I have co-written the album and words can’t express how inspiring it was to hear our songs come to life; I was like a kid in a sweet shop – wearing the biggest grin all week! Who wouldn’t be when you’re playing bass and working with such a fantastic drummer who is also great company and a top bloke!

suzy-starlite-simon-taylor-supertone.jpgPhoto: Simon Taylor

To whet your appetite about ‘Blueberry Pie’

The style and feel of the music is inspired by the the mid-late 60’s electric blues with a contemporary fusion of rock, blues, folk and our heartbeat.

It has a light and succulent crust of electric and acoustic guitars, long and short scale basses, vintage amplifiers, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer electric piano, harmonica, drums and natural voices.

It has attitude – will dry your hair faster than a hair dryer! It has feel! It has groove and the lyrics are written with the thoughtful pen of a storytelling poet.

The guitar tones are experimented with and applied akin to a painter and their relationship with canvas; Simon seriously kicks ass on guitar – you can smell the vintage amps.

…and it’s beautifully recorded.

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Starlite x

‘Blueberry Pie’ by the Starlite Campbell Band will be released by Supertone Records on 1st February, 2017 and available to pre-order on CD and vinyl from 30th November, 2016.