Vinyl Vavoom! Launches on Spotify – the vinyl playlist soundtrack to your life!

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Musicians Suzy Starlite and Simon Campbell of the Starlite Campbell Band have recently launched their new vinyl-loving playlist on Spotify – Vinyl Vavoom!

Like hunting through a record store for vinyl record gems, discover Neil Young hanging out with the Faces, David Bowie sitting next to Joni Mitchell, Laura Marling chatting with The Byrds and Led Zeppelin jammin’ with Hamish Imlach… anything is possible

Updated every week, Vinyl Vavoom! is inspired by a deep love and respect for vinyl records and great songs being the soundtrack to your life!

Please follow the playlist, share with your friends and feel free to add onto your own personal playlist!

Vinyl Vavoom! The vinyl playlist soundtrack to your life – where anything is possible!

Add to your playlist and listen now!

The Blue Cafe choose Starlite Campbell Band for Track of the Week…

It’s been a year now since we released our Starlite Campbell Band debut album ‘Blueberry Pie’ which makes it more exciting to be chosen as Track of the Week by the wonderful Blue Cafe Team.

This is what they said…

“This week we have been on a mission, based on a conversation we had at Skegness Rock & Blues a few weeks back. Our mission is to find a song that sums up the blues for us. Not a favourite all timer, nor a notable blues standard, but a reference point. A track that says “this sums up the blues for me”, for someone that asks at a garden party. That is a big ask for one song, and to be fair we don’t think we are completely there. But we got pretty close, and in our search we came across the Starlite Campbell Band. They have a pretty neat track and album that suits our need for a Track Of The Week.

Starlite Campbell Band

The Starlite Campbell Band is a project band formed by Suzy Starlite and Simon Campbell, Starlite the bassist and Campbell on guitars. The duo had been touring and recording separately for many years before they met in 2012, when Starlite asked Campbell to play guitar in her band. Their relationship extended beyond music and they married in 2014, before forming the Starlite Campbell Band in 2016. The pair are joined by Steve Gibson a well known touring drummer and Jonny Henderson on the Hammond Organ.

Blueberry Pie

The band released Blueberry Pie in 2017, a superb strong offering and remarkably different from current British Blues sounds. While the album is very mellow in places, it is far from dreary, bleak or gloomy – a trap that others have fallen into. The rockier tracks do not lift the mood, the album comes with its own atmosphere, or theme. One that requires a stiff drink, not in order to enjoy, but as an accompaniment. Starlite and Campbell share vocals throughout, although only “duetting” on the title track Blueberry Pieand Empire.


Starlite Campbell Band

I asked Suzy Starlite earlier in the week about the album:

“Simon and I co-wrote ‘Blueberry Pie’ which is described as a fresh taste of British Blues. The opening song ‘Walkin’ Out The Door’ flowed really naturally when we were writing the album at our Supertone Residential Recording Studio in Valencia, Spain and was written and finished in around twenty minutes. I love the groove of this song and when we play live, it’s never the same twice as Simon improvises with his Echoplex which really adds to the soundscape and tension of the song – great fun!”

Walkin’ Out The Door

The first thing you think when you start is Green Onions by Booker T and the M.G.’s. However this is no rip-off job, far from it. The bass from Starlite is flowing beautifully, fitting in perfectly with the drums and the Hammond. Campbell’s guitar is only utilised sparingly in the early exchanges of the song, coming in with full force around the two minute mark with some delicate licks. This song is a standard-setter for the album, Campbell’s vocals accompany the rhythm well, a class act in himself.

Walkin’ Out The Door gets the album off to a cracking start, although it loses no steam as it produces a number of belters including Guilty with Starlite on vocals. Blueberry Pie is essential for anyone who appreciates good quality British produce. That sounds like a supermarket advert?! Apologies, but we meant what we said. The album earned the band a nomination for a European Blues Award last year in the Best Album/Recorded Session category. We have to say the nomination was amongst very good company but was thoroughly deserving.

So no second thoughts were required when putting them forward for Track Of The Week, and we strongly lean on you to go out and buy Blueberry Pie in whatever form you prefer.”

Check out more from the Blue Cafe Website here.


Blueberry Pie – Nominated for Best Album in European Blues Awards!

Wowzers! We have fantastic News!

‘Blueberry Pie’ by the Starlite Campbell Band has been nominated for ‘Best Album / Recorded Session’ in the 2017 European Blues Awards.

Voting is now open for one week only closing on Sunday 12th November, 2017 at 0200 GMT.

The process is easy and only takes a few seconds; no email or personal information is required, just make your selection.

Simon Campbell and I are still in in shock, truly humbled and also doubly excited about being nominated having written, performed, recorded, engineered and produced ‘Blueberry Pie’ which is a fresh taste of British Blues, inspired by the the mid-late 60’s electric blues with a contemporary fusion of rock and folk.

The album features Jonny Henderson on Hammond and Wurlitzer, Steve Gibson on drums and Danny Boy Sánchez on harmonica.

‘Blueberry Pie’ has been critically acclaimed worldwide with over 36 four and five star reviews plus thousands of plays on over 750 radio stations across the globe; from Memphis to New York, Sydney to Toronto, Amsterdam to London and Paris to Prague.

As the only British band nominated in this category, your support would be truly valued in voting for ‘Blueberry Pie’ and helping to bring the Award home to the British Isles.

Like a true Pie – please VOTE and share with your friends!!

Thanks so much for your support!

You Rock!


European Blues Awards – Vote for Starlite Campbell Band!


Voting has just opened in this year’s European Blues Awards (2017) with a great opportunity for music fans and supporters of my band, the Starlite Campbell Band, to help nominate the band in the 5 categories that are open to the public vote.

The process is free and easy.


Send a quick email to:

The five categories are:

  1. Best Guitarist
  2. Best Band
  3. Best Vocalist (male)
  4. Best Vocalist (female)
  5. Best Musician (performance)


Tweet or send a direct message to @BluesHour and name the category and name of person/band PLUS include the hashtag #BluesHour

TWITTER Monikers:

Of course any publicity like this is fantastic for giving leverage to play more shows worldwide which will help fund the next record!

‘Blueberry Pie’ the worldwide critically acclaimed album by the Starlite Campbell Band is available now on Supertone Records – a fresh taste of British Blues!

Thank you so much for your support!

It’s all about the music!!

Starlite x

Critically acclaimed ‘Blueberry Pie’ submitted for 60th GRAMMY Awards!

‘Blueberry Pie’ the worldwide critically acclaimed debut album from the Starlite Campbell Band has been submitted to the Recording Academy for nomination in the 60th GRAMMY’S.

‘Blueberry Pie’ – a fresh taste of British Blues released on independent label Supertone Records has garnered an outstanding 35 four & five star reviews across the globe: from Memphis to New York, LA to Paris, London to Nashville.

British Blues Awards nominee Simon Campbell and Suzy Starlite co-wrote, performed, recorded and produced Blueberry Pie which has been submitted in two categories: Best Traditional Blues and Best Contemporary Blues Album.

For it to be nominated the work is voted for by voting members of the awards.

If you know a voting member or are a voting member yourself, we would sincerely appreciate your time to consider this work which was beautifully written, performed and recorded using old skool techniques to capture the soul and heartbeat of the music.

“Dare we say, their debut release on the Supertone label, Blueberry Pie, will be taking the Isles, nay, the world, by storm… Just as the Rolling Stones are making huge waves with their 30th studio release, Blue & Lonesome, along come a couple of seasoned musicians who bring back the sound of early UK blues, to near perfection.” – JD Nash – American Blues Scene, USA

“[Suzy and Simon] created a terrific disc that may well become a modern classic. Unquestionably Blueberry Pie is a stunning debut.” – Martin Hogarth, R2 Magazine – 5*

“IMHO, this is a potentially award winning album, that should be reaching an audience that other bands cannot reach!” – Ian McKenzie, Blues in the South (UK)

“Campbell has a real command of the instrument, delivering everything from bar room grit on “Empire” to testimonial bits of inspirations on the grieving “Cry Over You.” – Garrett Bethmann, Tahoe OnStage, USA

“Starlite herself is a powerful bassist with a hugely enjoyable grip of laying down a rock-solid backbeat that at times spills out exuberantly to highlight her own ability and drive the tracks forward.” – Iain Patience, Elmore Magazine, USA

“Together they have recorded a truly superb album that accurately picks up the vibe of the mid-late 60s British Blues scene. Yet this is no copycat rehash – it is as fresh and exciting as any new Blues, but with a serious salute to that older, highly influential, period. One of the best Blues albums that I’ve heard in a long time.” – Phil TheMusic Quill, UK

Listen to ‘Blueberry Pie’

Thank you…



Episode 14: The Supertone Show – Producer Series with Jimmy Miller!

Over the years I’ve heard some fascinating stories about people and the serendipity behind the musicians life and the music they make.

This new episode of The Supertone Show – Producer Series is no exception where Supertone’s Simon Campbell and I chat about Jimmy Miller, one of the unsung heroes of production who has worked with many mighty bands from The Rolling Stones to the Spencer Davis Group.

“Music that captured the musical climate of the sixties, with the mystical sweetness and druggy references, capturing the psychedelic fever of the day.”

The show features music by Blind Faith, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, Spencer Davis Group and the Rolling Stones – an enlightening and fun show for songwriters, music lovers, engineers and producers!


Listen here.


Memphis Blues Society excellent review of ‘Blueberry Pie’ by the Starlite Campbell Band!


Excellent review by the lovely Mark E. Caldwell for the mighty Memphis Blues Society

Starlite Campbell Band ‘Blueberry Pie’ (2017) Review

‘Blueberry Pie’ is a tasty collection of all-original tracks by UK newcomers Starlite Campbell Band. Together husband and wife team Simon Campbell (guitar & vocals) and Suzy Starlite (bass & vocals) penned the tracks and they anchor the band. Simon is a British Blues Awards nominee and Suzy has performed with Megiddo. Keyboardist Johnny Henderson’s experience includes performing with Robben Ford, Matt Schofield & Otis Rush. Drummer Steve Gibson has backed Van Morrison, Chris Farlowe, Larry Garner & Jack Bruce. Danny Boy Sanchez plays harmonica and rounds out the band. This 2017 release propels the talents of these well-seasoned musicians.

‘Blueberry Pie’ is dominated by strong guitar & keyboard runs and melodic vocals. The incredible sound, reminiscent of the 1960s Blues scene, is complemented with driving bass and drum lines. The record includes just the right mix of ballads and shakers to keep you moving. This is a must to add to any record collection. You’ll play the tracks over and over to soak in the Starlite Campbell Band interpretation of the Blues!

For more information about Starlite Campbell Band visit: http://music.starlite-campbell…

By Mark E. Caldwell, Memphis Blues Society, May 2017

A Five Star & Hot Recommendation for ‘Blueberry Pie’ by the Starlite Campbell Band from Concert Monkey, Belgium!


Fantastic five star review from the lovely Markus Hagner of Concert Monkey, Belgium

Starlite Campbell Band – Blueberry Pie – CD – Supertone Records

The Starlite Campbell Band featuring Suzy Starlite on bass, vocals and Simon Campbell on guitars, percussion, vocals have been on a blues-love-journey to be entitled “From The Isle Of Man To Valencia Or Back To The UK”.

Their first encounter in 2009 was at the isle and in 2014 they moved partly to the beautiful, sunny city in Spain where they run their own studio, besides their other main spot in the UK.  Both are well-acknowledged musicians and singer/songwriters in the UK folk-scene. Suzy had been member of Meggido and Trade. Scotsman Simon started with hard-rockers Whitefire and was a member by his consecutive career in The Method & The Disciples. Finally in 2017 here it is their first rousing & common release Blueberry Pie to set your dreams, creativity free by closed eyes.

“Walkin’ Out The Door” as opener will immediately put a positive, magical spell on you. It  can be described by sound-mix “The Doors Jammin’ With The Early Fleetwood Mac”! Suzy demonstrates by her groovy bass rhythm extravagances what fiery soloist she is continuing the vein of icon Jack Bruce. Simon creates by his sensitive chant a special warm-hearted vibe. His suffrage sounds like a well matured Single Scotch Highland Malt Whisky. By his dreamlike six-string solos he reminds very much of a Peter Green whilst in his best days. The Hammond sound-floor contributed by Jonny Henderson is an additional spice-up.

The consecutive “I Need A Light” has a Latino spirit by cadence and is a profound bow by melodies and vocals to the iconic British Blues Masters and Bands. The SCB manifest by “You’re So Good For Me” next that they can play also hellacious hot and dynamite-heavy  blues-rock. Campbell is the dervish on slide-guitar and kicks ass by jam with Lady Starlite and keyboarder Henderson.

“Cry Over You” is a slow blues-ballad top title and the song of maestro Simon. He lets his guitar to hoodoo you the melodious style and his sensitive chant is intensifying the ambience. It will definitely stir goose-bumps by ear-blast.

The title song “Blueberry Pie” is the U.S. Southern inspired hymn intensified by a spiritual gospel flair. Over The Rainbow & A Perfect Dream***** Suzy seduces by her sweet vocals on “Guilty” as slow-blues. The whining dobro slide-solo by Simon is heatin’ it up.

“Empire” is the hard & heavy rockin’ and reelin’ blues-rocker. The SCB performs hell of a thunderous loud-blast highlight! A song ideal to be played on the highway, specially on Route 66. By “Shimmy” every band-artist is granted a spot by a virtuoso solo.

The Starlite Campbell Band contributes “Thrill You” as grand-final. Chicago melts into Memphis-Blues. Simon lets his guitar do the talkin’ in honor to the immortal Riley B.B. King. Mister Campbell did additionally hell of a job as record producer. Each song was produced in sensational sound, aligned to each song-atmosphere and –mood.

BP is more than a standard blues-cd taking you on a sound-experience to retro blues with a modern poignancy and to both continents, Europe and the U.S. As extraordinary culmination there is the tantalizing songwriting.

Blueberry Pie – A starry & hot recommendation for all music devotees, not only blues-heads!

Starlite Campbell Band – Magical Blues-Love-Celebrators*****

Five star review of ‘Blueberry Pie’ by Morgan Hogarth of Rock n Reel Magazine

The only five star Blues review in the March/April edition of the mighty Rock ‘n Reel Magazine by Morgan Hogarth… Amazing!!!

For their debut release, Blueberry Pie, husband and wife team of Suzy Starlite (bass and vocals) and Simon Campbell (guitar and vocals) set out to rediscover the sounds of the 60s British blues and r’n’b ‘invasion’ – no mean feat given that this was delivered by artists of the calibre of Clapton, Bruce and Mayall. Yet in attempting this, they not only succeeded, but also created a terrific disc that may well become a modern classic.

‘Walkin’ Out The Door’ clearly has its roots in both Booker T’s Hammond B3 groove and Sonny Boy’s ‘Help Me’, but Clapton’s influences are also to the fore in Campbell’s guitar contribution. ‘Cry Over You’ could have been a Peter Green original, such is its intensity, while the title track is a sweet acoustic song that underscores the band’s versatility.

All eleven tracks are originals and the additional musicians in the form of drummer Steve Gibson, keyboard maestro Jonny Henderson and guest harpist, Danny Boy Sanchez, are simply superb. The soulful dance track ‘You’re So Good For Me’ sets the feet tapping, before gentle album closer ‘Thrill You’, as its title would suggest, pays homage to B.B. King, with Campbell’s fretwork again reminiscent of the great man.

Unquestionably Blueberry Pie is a stunning debut.

Morgan Hogarth: Rock ‘n Reel Magazine – April 2017



Tremendous review of ‘Blueberry Pie’ by the Starlite Campbell Band by Gecko for Metronome Magazine, Boston


Tremendous review of Blueberry Pie by the Starlite Campbell band by Gecko for Metronome Magazine, Boston (printed edition only and reproduced with kind permission). Why not subscribe!!!

Starlite Campbell Band: Blueberry Pie.

Out of nowhere, UK and Spain to be exact, we get this wonderful blues record that we always wanted to hear.

“Walkin’ Out the Door” opens with a traditional blues feel that you recognize instantly due to a well-known chord progression but which features original words and some nifty touches. It’s anything but paint by numbers. Here singer and guitarist Simon Campbell voice has some Van Morrison intonations, but with a much smoother delivery. The accent is very mid-Atlantic. The track has mainstream pop appeal with a lot of hooks and a satin polish.

“You’re So Good For Me” has a very uplifting tone. This is then followed by the rueful “Cry Over You,” which gets a few bursts of Hammond organ and a soulful guitar solo to round it off. “Say What You Want” then works up a raunchy feel with a tasty harp to push the envelope making it a true rocker in this varied ensemble.

The title track has more of a gospel sound to it yet accented with honky – tonk pedal steel guitar. Bassist Suzy Starlite then has a go at the vocals on “Guilty” for a very up close and personal performance, again embellished with Hammond organ and a killer guitar solo. The band rocks out again on “Empire” which has a shuffle beat section before getting funky. There’s a message too.

In all these tunes, there’s a granite low end from the bass that should encourage you to listen to this record from a proper stereo, not just a laptop. This record works due to the band’s emphasis on the well crafted songs without any of the musos showboating while having a bit of fun pushing the keyboards on the “Shimmy” jam, bringing out more emotion and a playful human touch.

“Thrill You” has Campbell getting soulful once again, this time with all the trimmings. Overall, the band are altered by a very professional production that is carefully balanced on one hand yet gives you an atmosphere of being in your own living room without being intrusive or bringing stale tobacco smoke along.

Highly recommended.